Ian’s kettle died the other day. Not entirely certain as to why, but it’s dead, and that’s that. My kettle is still in storage up north (along with all my other kitchen appliances, and I miss them all greatly) so I’m back to boiling water in a pot to make my tea. This isn’t really a big deal, it’s not like it’s all that difficult, but unfortunately I have a tendency when boiling water for tea in a pot to boil the whole pot dry for an hour or so. I haven’t done it yet, and I’m trying to keep from doing it now, but I have done it in the past on more than one occasion, so I’m trying to pay attention.

Really, I just need my own kettle brought down to Toronto for me. And my mixer, and my blender, and other such exciting things that I miss. I’ll have to ask Adam’s parents if they can transport these things the next time they come down for a visit – Passover, if I’m not mistaken… hopefully I won’t destroy any pots between now and then.

I finally saw The Green Mile last night. Another one of those movies everyone else has seen but I haven’t. But now I’ve seen it and all is well. Holy freakin’ long, I was up til 4:30am watching it.

I dread going to work today. And I don’t even have to leave for another almost 6 hours.

Hmm. I think the pot of water might be boiling away. Must go make tea.