I was in coat check at work tonight. I brought my mac laptop with me to work by sheer chance tonight, so I ended up sitting in coat check writing on the laptop all night. It was worthwhile.

Let’s see… Nothing exciting is going on these days. Adam has an interview at MEC on Friday. I’m trying not to be, but can’t help feeling a little jealous. He actually likes his theatre job, whereas I don’t, but he’s the one with the opportunity to possibly work somewhere else. It brings me down a little. So I write a huge letter to someone above my manager about exactly how ridiculous things are at the theatre. Maybe it’ll get me fired or something!! That’d be kinda fun.

Some woman had bathed her coat in her perfume tonight. I hung it up in coat check, and I could smell the crud all over my hands. After a little while, I had scratched my face a couple of times and the perfume came off onto my face, which immediately started burning. It was kind of painful. Anyhow, once the show started and the patrons had all gone up to watch it, I went to wash my hands and face obsessively. I can’t understand how people can possibly wear these chemicals… the stuff BURNS me.

Tomorrow is a two-show day, and I’m bringing my guitar in for something to do between shows, rather than go off to meet Adam for lunch/dinner like I usually do. It’s something different, anyhow.

I’m cold and tired and it’s nearly time for bed.