Work was draining today. I woke up with a headache this morning, we biked in to work (headache didn’t improve, so I took some Motrin) and then the entire first shift dragged. So very slow. By the end of it I was exhausted. Went out to lunch with Adam over near the Canon. Still felt kinda cruddy, but the headache was gone, which was good. I really didn’t want to go back to work for the second shift, however. I went back anyway and did the second shift, which was equally as slow and dragging. At one point during the first half of the show I was so tired I could feel myself falling over… eyes still open, but in this haze of tiredness that I couldn’t shake.

But then work was over and we went for a few drinks at Big Daddy’s crabshack for Mr. Scottie-too-hottie’s goodbye bash. Miriam got me an orgasm at the bar and I had to drink it without hands – it went up my nose, and my eyes started watering, and it was quite amusing. Adam & I biked home across Front Street then up to King until it merged with Queen, which was a much better route than anything else downtown on a Saturday night. Was awfully tempted to do some urban crap which I know I would kill myself doing… but they do it in the videos, I could land the same things!!!

Yeah… right…

Tomorrow’s the last day of my work week, and then we have to sacrifice our day off to Adam’s grandmother’s house again. Meh.

I think I’m just generally in a not-great mood. I’ll stop bitching now before I start annoying myself (let alone everyone else.)