We did some housecleaning, and now the place feels livable again. Vaccuumed all the corners and everything, so there’s much less cat fur bogging the place down. It’s all good.

Have ten thousand things to get done tomorrow. As such, am skipping out on visiting Adam’s grandmother, let the boys handle this one. I’m sure they’ll do just fine.

And on that note, who would like to do dinner with me tomorrow evening? Perhaps at the Renaissance Cafe? Adam will be out at the grandmother’s so I’ll have to find something to eat, and I really want to drop in there either way. Perhaps I’ll try phoning people tomorrow, but everyone I know is incredibly busy all the time.

Work is very emotionally draining. I must do something about it, and if the letter doesn’t work (and I’m doubting it’ll have much if any impact) then it’ll be time to move on to something less emotionally draining. As soon as I find something.