Tuesday… I must give this day over to laundry, groceries, and work at the Theatre.

You know, I used to kind of like ABBA, mostly because my mom loves ABBA so it reminds me of her and that makes me happy. Now, however, there are a few songs I still like, and some songs I am thoroughly indifferent to, and a few that I hate passionately. I think there must be this stage you get through – after a certain number of shows you’ve seen you go from kind of liking it because it’s something you’ve never seen before to analyzing it and taking it apart to hating the whole thing to not even seeing/hearing it anymore, except for the songs you really don’t like. Unfortunately for me, I was sick of Dancing Queen before I even started this job, and it’s played in the show not once but twice. Also I hate Slipping Through My Fingers and What’s the Name of the Game. However, I do still like Super Trouper, Take a Chance on Me, and Waterloo. Everything else in the show I hardly even hear anymore.

If I do a rough count then I’m up to seeing the show about just under 200 times. I don’t even want to know what happens when you reach 400.