I’m working on the new website again for the first time in ages. I’m a slacker. Anyhow, I’ve started to learn some dreamweaver to put it together properly, since people who were helping me with the CSS stuff and with the graphic design stuff haven’t had time to help me out lately. Must attempt to pull it together on my own, and if that means learning dreamweaver then I guess I learn dreamweaver. Someday I will pay someone else to design my site so I don’t have to do this crap, I swear it.

Tomorrow I think I may redo the scanning that got lost when Adam’s hard drive broke a couple of weeks ago. I lost about 18 photo scans for the site, which means I’ve only got about half of the pictures scanned that needed to be scanned. Scanning. Meh.

Actually, there are a bunch of things that I want to get done tomorrow. Which probaby means I should go to bed now so I get up at a reasonable hour to get said things done.