I spoke to the union rep today about the situation at work. He’s going to start dealing with it. Not sure what’s going to happen exactly (if anything) but I do know that if it goes to the next step after this first one (he’s going to talk to people who need to know what’s going on, basically, and if nothing happens the next step is to actually send my letter to concerned parties) then I’m making myself a target of the crappy positions and/or losing the ability to be trained on new or different positions, and chances are I’ll lose out on bar shifts as well. But that’s the risk I accepted when I decided to do this, so whatever, it’s not like it’s the end of the world. I don’t play politics so well, I guess.

Now I must work more on the website. Don’t quite know how I feel about dreamweaver… wish I could figure out CSS, but I just don’t quite get it, and no one’s around to teach me.