I have put the pot of water on for tea. Hopefully won’t forget it’s there. Also hopefully Adam’s dad found our kettle in storage and brought it down for us so I don’t have to go through this anymore. Maybe I should just give up and buy a new kettle, I don’t know. We shall see on Sunday when we see Adam’s parents, I guess.

I was Toilet Tart at work today. Always a great position to make a person really dislike patrons. It’s basically a night of explaining to able-bodied people that they must go downstairs to use the washroom because this washroom behind me is the only one in the building that’s wheelchair accessible and thus reserved for handicapped people and those who honestly cannot manage stairs. They get annoyed and then take the stairs without any problem.

Another one of the guys at work gave his two weeks notice.

I have my tea now, all is good in my world. Adam’s thinking about playing Unreal. I’m trying to decide if I want to play Gunbound or Black & White Creature Isle. These are the things that plague our minds at 1:10am.