I’m chilled tonight. I was chilled last night, too. I think it’s related to the bike home. It’s still not particularly warm by the time we bike home at 11:30ish, although you tend not to feel it while you’re biking. Unfortunately, it hits me once I get in the door and relax, and I get quite chilled for the rest of the night. Tonight I’ve decided to wrap myself up in a blanket to combat this.

I can’t connect to the Weebls stuff website, and I really wanted to watch Scampi again. And Pie. I like Pie. One point five pie. (If you’re wondering, Scampi is the ‘I’ve seen things’ one…)

We put goat cheese on our pizza tonight. It’s fantastic.

Tomorrow’s my last theatre workday of the week. I’m looking forward to seeing daylight when I come out of work… it’s always so nice to see that on Sundays. If I’m lucky it’ll be sunny.

Entertain me with crazy .swf sites!!

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  • scottobear

    April 11, 2004 at 7:02 am

    albinoblacksheep.com has a lot of cute things