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8 Fictional Characters You’d Love To Hang Out With:

I’m having trouble with this one, mostly because I forget books and movies after having read/seen them, and also because I only like hanging out with people I actually know, since I never have anything to talk about with strangers. Why did this one have to have 8??

1. Any of the dragons of Pern
2. Any of the Companions of Valdemar.
3. Anne from Eventide
4. Rowlf the Dog
5. Katsuragi Misato
6. Ender Wiggin
7. My creature from Black & White
8. Gir

7 Celebrities You’d Invite to Dinner:

Same problem as above, with the hanging out thing…

1. Jim Cuddy and his family (from Blue Rodeo)
2. Lisa Loeb
3. Bryan Weirmier (Tanglefoot)
4. Socrates
5. Cynthia Gould
6. Steven Page and his family (BNL)
7. Terri Clark

6 Things On Your Desk:

1. Lots of negatives
2. A 2″ tape for 24 Track Recording
3. Pizza Pizza Dipping sauces (2)
4. My empty Tea cup
5. speakers
6. scrap papers

5 Places You’d Like To Visit:

1. Ireland
2. New Zealand
3. Egypt
4. The Northwest Territories
5. Hawaii

4 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Me:

1. I’m probably too lazy and insecure to ever actually make something of myself
2. I really want to have kids. Like, really really.
3. I haven’t taken a real picture in about three months.
4. The sticker on my guitar case peeling off annoys the crap out of me.

3 Things You Wish You Had Right Now:

1. A job that would allow me to quit the theatre
2. Some real food
3. Canon Digital SLR (10D)

2 Names You Wish Were Your Own:

1. Brianna
2. Blizzard

Day Of The Week You Love the Most:

1. Thursday