I went for a walk down the street. It was cold, and it started to rain as I walked. I had no umbrella, I had left it behind in the apartment, thinking that the rain wasn’t falling when I left and I wasn’t going for, so I wouldn’t really need it. I walked a couple of blocks to the bookstore, where I looked at Sociology books for a while. I’d like to read some Sociology books, they look interesting. As I was walking back towards Booster Juice, where I intended to get a protein smoothie for my lunch, it start to rain in earnest instead of the light drips that had been hitting me earlier. I stepped into Booster Juice and ordered my smoothie, then sat and drank most of it while staring out the window at the rain. I kept wondering if it would lighten up, but it only rained harder the longer I watched. The radio was playing in the store, and I remembered why it was I used to like listening to Mix 99.9 as they played Blue Rodeo followed by Train – songs that make me happy. I finally got up and ventured back out into the rain, and, shivering, made my way back home. I really don’t feel like biking to work tonight. Biking Raincoat aside, it’s cold and rainy and I don’t have any fenders, and I don’t have waterproof pants. Maybe if I can get past feeling guilty about it I’ll go grab some cash and buy ttc tickets for today.