Stolen from mishamish, and dumped behind a cut.

current clothing: flared-leg stretch jeans, purple velvet tank top with aphrodite’s birth on it.
current mood: Relaxed
current taste: Pesto pizza slice from mamma’s and vanilla coke
current hair: long and two-tone because my roots are 4 inches long.
current annoyance: That I don’t have my health insurance card yet so I can’t go get massage and physio for my neck.
current smell: A Lush massage bar on my desk.
current thing you ought to be doing: Nothing.
current jewelry: just my sleeper earrings.
current book: Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson
current refreshment: Vanilla Coke
current worry: employment decisions and whether or not I’ll make the right choice.
current crush: Adam who just gave me 50$ to either get my hair done or buy clothing.
current favorite celebrity: That little girl from Hairspray last night who could BELT. She was like 10 or 12. And could she ever BELT.
current longing: a real serious neck massage
current music: Night Train, by Bruce Cockburn
current wish: I wish I had the whole day off to do whatever I wanted
current lyric in your head: Starlight shines like glass shards in dark hair
current makeup (if you’re a girl!): none
current undergarments: Victoria’s secret white cotton panties
current regret: waiting. I regret waiting.
current desktop picture: A view of earth and the sun from space.
current plans for tonight/weekend: Work at the Renaissance cafe.
current cuss word du jour: Crud (is that a cuss word? I use it like one.)
current disappointment: That I’m still not getting a neck massage. Stupid health insurance card.
current amusement: Other than this meme, I have live-action Sailor Moon DVDs from asia to watch. I’m told they’re painfully bad yet good.
current IM/person you’re talking to: I was talking to Emma, but ran out of things to talk about.
current love: Adam
current obsession: Biking
current avoidance: Making a decision about work.
current thing or things on your wall: Pink Floyd – The Back Catalogue, and one of my photos, and cyn’s painting, and 3 of my paintings.
current favorite book: I can’t say that I’ve really got one right now.
current favorite movie: I haven’t a clue. I don’t do so well at having favourites of such things. Depends on my mood.