The weekend was really busy, but pretty good. Friday I worked at the Cafe and then went downtown to work at the theatre.

Saturday I got up early and biked downtown to help out with Cyn’s booth at the holistic show, then went to work and worked two shifts – they trained me on bar tickets during the afternoon show, then left me alone to sell bar tickets during the evening show. It was a nice change, I certainly liked it more than the ushering thing. You actually have to do stuff instead of just stand around staring at the audience for a couple of hours. I biked home after work and Adam & I went out for coffee and down to the beach with Jay & company.

Sunday morning I woke up early again and caught the streetcar (pouring rain with no rain pants sucks, and I wanted to wear a skirt Sunday anyhow,) downtown to help Cyn out again. It was fun, I quite enjoyed it. After helping Cyn out, I went to work at the theatre, where I had a door shift (meaning I don’t have to watch the show.) After work I went to Lush with Lindsay, where I couldn’t help but buy a massage bar and a blue sparkle bug, which I applied copiously to my face, hands, and arms. We then walked back to the Elephant and Castle restaurant and met up with Adam, Shawn, Jordy, Lindsay’s friend Ian, and Emma. Dinner was quite good (I had Guinness Meat Loaf) and dessert was yummy, and wine was consumed. We then went on to the Princess of Wales theatre, where we saw the musical Hairspray (as I mentioned earlier.) The show was really fun, and the singers were fantastic. After Hairspray, Ian and Lindsay and Adam and I went to Hey Lucy for martinis and other drinks. I had a Lychee Godzilla. It was super-yummy. We just sat and chatted for a while, then Adam & I went home.

All in all a very packed and fun weekend. And this weekend we’re going to see Kraftwerk on Friday night. Wahoo.