So the other day I applied for this Admin job at the mountain. I’m sincerely hoping that I can at least get an interview, although getting the job would make every last bit of difference right now. It would, in fact, allow us to stay. Now wouldn’t that be something?

Today I spent a very long time running Windows updates. Last night I tried updating Shadows of Undrentide, and it hurt my computer so bad I nearly cried on its behalf. I haven’t tried running SOU since then, but hopefully now that I’ve installed many updates and such it will be much happier. I’m realizing, though, that I don’t think I’m going to have enough hard drive space to install Hordes, which is quite sad since this is the only game I can run on my computer these days. Unless I end up finally getting Diablo 2 at some point, which I would still like to play, and which other people wanted me to get so I could play online with them.

My lower back hurts often due to sitting on an inflatable on the floor with my keyboard in my lap and my mouse on a cardboard box beside me. Desks are awesome things. That is all.

Last night I also designed a nice interface for Adam’s CD Portfolio. That was before the NWN update broke my computer. Anyhow, I’m happy with it, he’s happy with it. I’m awesome. Or something.

I only have four days of work this week. The first two were Sunday & Monday, and the next two are Friday & Saturday. I don’t know my schedule for next week at all. I need more hours, though. A couple of people just quit, though, so that should increase my hours. At least until they hire new people. Anyone need a part time retail job that gets you a free ski pass ($700 value?) I think we’re probably hiring…