I wish I could bring my guitar to work and entertain myself that way. I haven’t spent nearly enough time over the past few months with my guitar. Instead, though, I’ll just bring a book and hide behind the counter to read. Can’t exactly hide a guitar.

I work until 8:15 tonight. It’s going to be a boring day, I think. The base gift shop is already not at all busy during this season, and it’s raining which means it’ll be even less so today. I may even finish The Waste Lands today if I don’t get sick of reading.

This coming week, I may get one of my films developed. I also may do a photo shoot sort of thing for fun with a woman from work, because I like doing such things. Also I will visit the Pitt and hang out with my mom. I would like to spend a good number of hours with my guitar, too. I wish my guitar books weren’t in storage in northern Ontario, Olga isn’t quite what it used to be, and I don’t want to play on the floor in the office, I want to play in the living room with the good acoustics. No printer here, so I’d be reading the chords off of my computer screen. Bleh.

Oh well, there’s nothing to be done about it. I will now go have a shower and become clean.