Friday things that got done

I managed to get downtown for the blood test, and I ate(thai lunch with the lovely lady Jessica downtown). I have not done anything else on my list, because instead of coming home after blood tests I wandered the downtown core with Eli. We went to the candy store where we bought lots of candy, then we walked down Robson in search of Bubble tea. I returned home around 4:15 and have been working on webby stuff since then. Now I think I am crashing from all that sugar, and may nap unexpectedly.

Friday night dinner is tonight, however. I’ll have to be awake enough to get to Lorne & Anne’s place…

Things to do on a Friday

  • Go get blood test done
  • Laundry
  • Eat
  • Tidy the apartment
  • Take some self portraits of the belly
  • Take out the recycling

Not sure how many of these I’ll actually get done. At the very least, the blood tests and eating… My motivation is lacking, and I wish for company. I have to go downtown for blood tests, maybe I can convince someone to meet me there for coffee or lunch or something.