Sometimes there’s just nothing to say

I’ve been crazy busy the past couple of weeks. I’m thinking about quitting the metroblogging thing – there’s no real feedback, no clue if anyone reads or is interested in anything I write, and I can’t seem to feel connected to any of the other people who write for the site. Plus, my new website really doesn’t have room for a blog like the old one did, so I’m not a real blogger (I don’t count livejournal as a blog, for some reason.) The old site was nice in the CMS kind of way, but rather limiting, and I found that I never updated it anyway. The new one is about photos. Go take a look. It’s not quite done, but it’s getting there.

Of course, the gallery is still kicking around, in a new and improved form – just the photo journal and the photo a day, though. The other galleries (Northern Ontario, favourites, the silver families’ pictures,) have been axed.

I think I need a cup of tea or something. Feeling kind of blah today.

Mountain Biking Reviews

Rather than write about my experiences mountain biking this season in great detail in my lj, I’ve been putting more into the Metroblogging Vancouver site. It’s mostly a chronicle of my experiences as a beginner on trails that are generally harder than I would try if I knew any better.

So if you would like to know about the rides, follow the links below:

First Ride of the Year

Second Ride: Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

Third Ride: Mount Burke

There won’t be a ride this weekend, since I’m heading up to 100 Mile House to a friend’s cottage. Next week hopefully we’ll get out one night after work. I’m aiming for a ride on one of the Fromme trails I did last year during the Dirt Series Clinic.


Before I head for bed, here is my most recent post at Metroblogging Vancouver. I’ve been behind the past few weeks, what with the health issues and not having anything but emergency services and doctors offices to talk about.

On another note, I need more userpics.


I’ve been slacking in my responsibility lately, mostly due to a lack of inspiration, with the Vancouver metblog. However, I have written an update to it today. Not a particularly exciting one, but something nonetheless.

Dayle is curled up in my lap as I sit cross-legged in my chair. My left foot is asleep. Blasted 15 lb demon beast.


Posted at Metblog Vancouver again. Last night we went to see laser Floyd with Tara, and it was a great show again. Lasers are cool. So is the planetarium.

I’m catching a cold. Woke up with a sore throat this morning and that fuzzy-headed feeling you get at the onset of a cold. Not fun. I took some tylenol cold medication, though, so that should help.

Now it’s time to go to the Market and get something to bring for a pot-luck over in Vancouver. These are the days I love owning a car. It’s snowing and wet out, and we have to go far.