Crawling – it’s the new sitting

Lyra crawled today. She’s been on the edge of crawling for a couple of weeks at least – shuffling around on her behind, launching herself forward on her hands without following it up with anything, and the like. She has practiced crawling on the bed, where it’s much easier. Yesterday she was thinking about crawling – you could see her almost getting there.

Today she managed the entire action of crawling, and once she did it, it was like she realized just how fast she could get around. It was pretty interesting watching her figure out the motions – lunging onto her hands and knees from sitting, then alternating arms and legs to propel herself forward. She hasn’t got turning figured out yet, so she pushes back up to sitting, turns on her behind and relaunches into crawling in the new direction. You can see how much she’s enjoying herself. I don’t think I’ll get any downtime ever again…

She also has six teeth now. Two of them broke through the gums this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. These ones have been bothering her all week, so it’s good to see them, although she’s still obviously uncomfortable and fussy from teething pain. She now has four teeth on top and two on the bottom. She enjoys biting things now. I’m teaching her that I’m not something she should bite pretty quickly though. Teeth hurt! Relearning how to nurse has been interesting, but I think we’re doing all right now.

She spent the last two days growling at us. It’s incredibly funny. She’ll growl at us, or at the cats, and then after a few minutes break into hysterical laughter, which naturally sets us off. I’ve found that if I laugh, she laughs back at me, and we can get going in an amazing circle of laughter. It’s fun times.

And now, photos of the Lyramonster. My next update will invole something that doesn’t involve photos of my baby. I promise.

This is the face of a future troublemaker:

Mischief in her eyes

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Lyramonster has been generally pretty good during her fits of teething discomfort and pain. Sometimes, though, she has fits of inconsolable crying, screaming, and raging. Poor little girl. We can often distract her after a few minutes of these fits, however, which is good for our eardrums. She definitely won’t put up with being anywhere but in someone’s arms when she goes through these fits, which means a lot of high-pitched screaming directly into our ears.

Even now she’s sleeping on my lap and whimpering in her sleep. She wakes up every so often crying, too. It’s worse at night, until she falls into a deeper sleep, at which point she’s out for the night thankfully. Also, nursing helps her calm down pretty quickly.

Since she’s been so completely not cranky up until this point, these little fits are weird to us in a way. We’re handling them fine I think, and they haven’t been all that bad – just occasional outbursts that end quickly enough and return our little giggly monstergirl to us in no time. We’re lucky, and we know it. I just feel bad for her being so unhappy, even if she does recover quickly. Now that her second tooth is coming in, she’s been more cranky than with the first. Maybe the second coming in so soon after the first means she’ll have them all come in relatively quickly and we’ll be done with teething, who knows?

Lyra’s nearing the six month mark. That’s half a year. That is crazy.

Teething is fun times!

Lyra cut her first tooth (that’s the right terminology, isn’t it?) just over a week ago. She was fine with it – had a couple of episodes of crankyness, and drooled like a Saint Bernard, but she was mostly fine. Today I think she had another teething cranky fit. This morning her cheek went all red, and this afternoon she got very, very cranky and was stuffing everything she could get her hands on (fingers included) into her mouth. Tonight she was voracious with the chewing on of her teething toys. I think she may have another tooth coming in already, but I’m not sure if it really happens that quickly.

We were planning on going snowshoeing tomorrow morning up on Cypress, but now there’s a snowfall warning for tonight into tomorrow. With Lyra teething like she is, I think she and I will sit this one out. Adam and Jordy can go out if they are so inclined, but us girls will stay in and bake cookies.

There was to be a cookie exchange today, but various people were forced to drop out due to illness, so instead Adam, Maryn, Robert, Lyra and I went for a walk on the West Van seawall with Delany’s coffees. It was fun, but there were no cookies made. This puts me behind in my cookie-making plans. I went and bought a new cookie sheet, even, but have since realized that it’s too big for my little oven. This is disappointing in so many ways.

I’ve had a low-level cold for the past month, it feels like. It’s just a running nose and the occasional sneeze… enough to be annoying without actually becoming a cold.

Adam lost his wedding ring today. We might still find it – he was putting Christmas lights out on our balcony and it fell off his finger into the snow either on the balcony or on the ground below. When it melts, perhaps we’ll find it. It was a bit too big and couldn’t be resized because it was titanium, so really it was only a matter of time before he lost it. I’ll have to figure out what I want to do for replacing it… definitely not something to worry about right now. I haven’t even started Christmas shopping, really, so this week is going to be fun!

I think Lyra’s starting to show some vague interest in solid food lately. She’s certainly been watching me eat more closely. I let her taste a bit of banana this week – she seemed to like it. Soon enough I suppose she’ll start supplementing the breast milk with new and interesting flavours and textures. I look forward to it and I feel strange about it all at the same time. I still hope to breastfeed her for as long as we’re both interested in it and happy doing so, though, so it’s not like things are over in that sense.

Tonight she is waking up often and needing a lot of calming. The teeth must be bugging her.