On Drupal

The weekend was kind of truncated… I worked my regular work week, then on Friday I went to Drupal Camp Vancouver to learn as much as I could about Drupal in a condensed timespan. It was very interesting, but basically added two more full days onto my workweek.

Nothing like a couple of days geeking out to really mess your head up, though. Here are some observations I had about Drupal, and the Drupal community:

  • They seem to be doing well with the open-source community thing
  • They’re pretty approachable, which is cool
  • Drupal is dynamic, and capable of some pretty impressive stuff. I’m pretty sure that a photography portfolio website, however, isn’t really something it can do effectively
  • Theming for Drupal is more work than I have the time to learn how to do, although reasonably straightforward if you know some html and php.

    The problem I have is that I’ve got like two months of work left before I go on maternity leave, and I’m already pretty tired much of the time, which means I’m just going to get moreso. This leaves me with no time really to learn a new system on my own. Maybe if I had a course or someone willing to sit down and go over things with me one on one, from the basics of setup to site design. Once again I feel like I could really use a mentor, but don’t feel able to justify taking a stranger’s time up with teaching me the basics, and don’t know anyone in Vancouver who can take me on as a project. I’m tired of teaching myself everything I want to learn. It would be nice, for a change, to have a teacher.

    And really, that’s all I can say about Drupal for now. It was really cool, and kind of demotivating all at once. I will soon have Ultra Magnus to focus on, which will change things, I know.

  • They make great Holiday Gifts!!

    All right folks, Adam and I started looking at our finances for the trip back to Ontario this winter for the holiday season and realized that with my new job stuff and his contract ending in early december, it’s going to be very challenging for us to afford to pay our January bills after we buy the plane tickets. We intend to do it and have been planning to go since last Christmas, but it would be much nicer to know that we’ll be able to pay our bills come January 1st.

    As such, I’m putting out the suggestion to everyone who reads this that my photos would make fantastic gifts for friends and family this year, so please go check out the site and maybe consider a photo art print, framed or unframed, of whatever size available, as a gift for someone. Or even to adorn your own wall.

    Travelling in December is painfully expensive, I tell you.

    Sometimes there’s just nothing to say

    I’ve been crazy busy the past couple of weeks. I’m thinking about quitting the metroblogging thing – there’s no real feedback, no clue if anyone reads or is interested in anything I write, and I can’t seem to feel connected to any of the other people who write for the site. Plus, my new website really doesn’t have room for a blog like the old one did, so I’m not a real blogger (I don’t count livejournal as a blog, for some reason.) The old site was nice in the CMS kind of way, but rather limiting, and I found that I never updated it anyway. The new one is about photos. Go take a look. It’s not quite done, but it’s getting there.

    Of course, the gallery is still kicking around, in a new and improved form – just the photo journal and the photo a day, though. The other galleries (Northern Ontario, favourites, the silver families’ pictures,) have been axed.

    I think I need a cup of tea or something. Feeling kind of blah today.


    It’s nice to have a little rain… the past few weeks have been hot, dry, and rain-free, and plants and lawns have been suffering. I’ve been looking out the window feeling kind of happy about the rain, but then I’ve always had a soft spot for summer rain. It’s cold rain that gets me down.

    I went out last night downtown and got a bunch of stuff done, which landed me home at about 9pm. It was a late dinner, followed by a lot of muddling with code and things. I’ve found a couple of different shopping carts I can apparently use, but I am having a lot of trouble wrapping my brain around them. They seem to offer entire store solutions, when really all I want is a dropdown menu that will tell paypal what size and framing options someone wants for something for each photo. This seems very simple and straightforward to me, but I still don’t have the slightest idea how to implement it. I don’t know anything really about populating forms with variables. If I did, this would have been long since completed.

    I have at least one person (theoretically two) working on this to help me out. Hopefully we’ll figure it out eventually.

    Greg, Aaron and I went to Lonsdale Quay to pick up lunch today. It was very good, and a nice change – too bad the Quay isn’t closer. We had to drive there, it’s about a 25 minute walk otherwise.

    I am a zombie today. MRRrrrrgbrainsssgrrrrrrrr

    Picture a Day Update

    I’ve added yesterday and today’s Picture a Day to the gallery. I love today’s. So cute.

    I’ve also been working on a website redesign. I have two basic concepts right now. I may work on more, or decide on one of these two. We shall see how I feel when I come back to it tomorrow.

    What shall I wear to an Oscar party tomorrow evening?

    A ghost in the office?

    We were sitting here, minding our own business, Adam playing his game and me working on a website, when we suddenly heard a loud ‘crack,’ akin to the sound of a light bulb exploding. We stopped everything we were doing and looked around. It sounded to me like it came from Adam’s desk, but we couldn’t find anything. There are no broken light bulbs. There is no sign of anything being wrong at all, in fact, and we have no idea what caused the sound. It’s a little bit creepy.

    I’ve finally started some work on my website redesign (yes, I do this once in a while. The last one hasn’t been particularly effective for what I want, so it’s time to move on.) I’ve put it all together in a nice photoshop file, now I just have to work out how to translate all of that to HTML. That’ll be the challenging part. I’ll tackle it tomorrow perhaps, after I’m done running errands. Hooray for dreamweaver.

    Adam’s playing black & white now. I will have to get back to that when he’s at work tomorrow night. It doesn’t run on my computer (what with my computer being about 7 years old or something) so we have to switch off playing. It’s interesting watching our different playing styles – I’m predominantly good, winning over towns by making my town so fantastic everyone wants to live there. He’s predominantly evil, creating armies and sending them in to take over towns by force. It makes for a bit of a different game.

    Erranding like crazy

    I got the laundry and the banking done. No luck with the birth certificate, however. I did get something done today though: I completely remade my Photo Gallery page with the Gallery software that Warped (my webhost, who are awesome) set up for me. So far, I love it.

    There are a bunch of older pictures up, but there are a few newer ones as well, including some from the 2004 Bacchanalia, which I hadn’t posted anywhere yet. They’re in the Bacchanalia Canoe Trips gallery, the third one down. Go on, look, I know you want to…

    Website makeover

    Hmm… my homepage really needs a makeover. I like the dragons thing, but I want a new kind of layout and stuff… I’m sick of everything being left to right. Unfortunately, visual layouts are really not my strong point, so it’ll take me for-freakin-ever to think up something that would work. fneu.

    Website update

    I just added a page to my homepage that lists all the articles I’ve ever written for WomenGamers. It’s linked from the first news item at the top of the main page, if anyone is bored and wants to catch up on anything they might have missed.

    Google search engine

    That’s strange. I went to Google search engine and typed in my first & last name. The very first site to come up was My homepage, which is all well and good… except that I didn’t think I used my last name on my homepage anywhere. If people are looking for me who know me, I guess they’ll find me if they use Google search engine.

    My tummy is yucky. No more Burger King.